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Be All-Seeing!

If you run any kind of enterprise – a business, a campaign, an agency, a nonprofit – you need X-ray vision.

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Does your CFO candidate believe in UFOs? How can you rattle your political opponent? Did the CEO of a company you just invested in bluff her way through the latest earnings call? Does the actor you just hired for your movie have a sketchy, hidden social media past?

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With our proprietary Factbase technology, you can find out.

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A Factbase is a private, fully searchable portal of all of your target’s public actions and statements. It can analyze his or her tendencies, feelings, actions, and “tells,” and is updated instantly with any new content acquired privately or publicly.

What We Do

We vacuum up information of all types – text, audio, video – and then, depending on the user’s needs, organize it, transcribe it, make it searchable, and analyze it for themes, patterns, and even its likely veracity.

Think how you could use that superpower in a Factbase of your own!

In Politics

  • Our unique collection on Donald Trump – if he’s said or tweeted it in public since 1980, then it’s in our Factbase – is a favorite hunting ground for major media
  • A Factbase for a major judicial nomination contained 500,000 pages of court opinions and testimony – gathered and uploaded within six hours – and 50 gigabytes of video – processed, transcribed, and made searchable within two days
  • A Factbase for a high-profile gubernatorial race used voice stress analysis of past debates to isolate topics that one candidate could use to rile his opponent
  • Our other libraries include every tweet of every current member of Congress, every press conference and major speech by presidents since Herbert Hoover, almost all public remarks of presidents since Ronald Reagan, and transcripts for hundreds of thousands of major network news and news talk programs as far back as 2000

In finance

  • Our AI robot transcribes thousands of corporate earnings calls each year. We maintain a library of nearly 150,000 calls going back almost 20 years – searchable by phrase, word, or syllable
  • Our technology detects uncertainty, equivocation, and – dare we say it? – truth-shading by corporate executives. Or, if you’re an executive, our database can help you anticipate what the analysts on your call are likely to ask
  • Our comprehensive database of business leaders is updated monthly

In Legislating and Lobbying

  • We have transcripts from every U.S. House and Senate committee hearing (where available) for the last five years, and some going back nearly 50 years. We are launching a major, real-time committee transcription program soon (with State Houses on the horizon)
  • We know who’s who in Washington, and we know who they know. Need a map of influencers for a particular issue? Come talk to us

In Human Resources/

  • When you hire someone, you’re hiring that person’s connections, too. Let us create connections maps of your top candidates
  • Use our technology to find out what your top candidates have said on any given topic – and whether or not they meant it – and to craft a personality profile

Elements of a Factbase

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Any video, audio, text, or content is immediately and accurately turned into searchable content.

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Unlock the words.

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Connect the dots with a full profile and database of everything the target says and thinks.

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Go deep. Learn, connect, assess, and predict.

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Personality tests, speech sophistication tests, emotional tests, etc.

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Add external assessment, tests, and yardsticks to the speech, pictures, and other data gathered.


How We Do It

We take a highly technical, complex process and make it effortless.

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You drag and drop every video, audio, text, Word document, PDF, spreadsheet, etc., you can find on your target into your private, tailored Factbase. Then the machines go to work.

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Your Factbase transcribes audio using machine-learning algorithms. Then it makes a voiceprint of your target and uses semantic analysis and natural-language processing to tag, keyword, and give meaning to the information.

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For video, your Factbase can even add gesture analysis, facial recognition analysis, and sentiment/emotional trends. Were they happy? Sad? Nervous? Confident? You need to know.

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For documents, your Factbase pulls and parses all types – docx, text, pdfs (applying OCR if necessary). You can look for patterns, favorite phrases, or verbal tics – or even gauge your target’s linguistic sophistication.

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Need to jump directly to the part of the video where your target said a certain word or phrase? Factbase lets you do that. Use all types of search parameters, including keywords, Boolean, advanced connectors, etc.

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Your Factbase will keep scanning your target’s social media and RSS feeds. If they say or post anything you care about, you’ll get an email and then find it in your Factbase. Now. Today. So you know.
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